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Product description

Eurocoustic Tonga Eurocolor is the versatile ceiling panel for the versatile space. The panel has high-end noise-absorbing properties and excellent technical characteristics. Eurocoustic Tonga Eurocolor is deliverable in thicknesses of 22 and 40 mm and the dimensions 120 x 60 cm, 60 x 60 cm and 120 x 120 cm.

– Deliverable in 2 thicknesses
– Choice of 40 colours
– In 3 standard dimensions

Minimum purchase

The Eurocoustic Tonga Eurocolor panels are sold per box.

Minimum purchase per dimension:

Dimension 60 x 60 cm, thickness 22 mm: 24 units.
Dimension 120 x 60 cm, thickness 22 mm: 12 units.
Dimension 120 x 120 cm, thickness 22 mm: 6 units.
Dimension 60 x 60 cm, thickness 40 mm: 20 units.
Dimension 120 x 60 cm, thickness 40 mm: 10 units.


Eurocoustic Tonga Eurocolor coloursEurocoustic Tonga Eurocolor colours


Thanks to its sleek appearance, the Eurocoustic Tonga panel can be applied to environments in which there is a need for better acoustics and a special look. Think about offices, company canteens, meeting rooms, class rooms, shops but also workshops, technical spaces and industry. Choose for one or more of the 40 Eurocolors and create your own space.

Select 40 mm for more thermal insulation.

Acoustic properties

Eurocoustic Tonga Eurocolors has excellent acoustic properties in a wide frequency range.

Eurocoustic absorptie

Fire-technical properties

Tonga Eurocolor complies with fire class A2.


The sheets are placed into a visible suspension system of, among other things, API, CMC and OWA with a flange width of 24 or 15 mm and a grid dimension of 1200 x 600, 600 x 600 and 1200 x 1200 mm.

Eurocoustic | Tonga Eurocolor

from 6,10 excl. VAT

Acoustic ceiling panel for a suspended ceiling.

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