Improve the acoustics at the office

Every office is different which means different acoustic issues occur at every location. To improve the work environment, attention has to be paid to:

  • Transfer of noise between workplaces mutually
  • Reflection of sound through the ceiling
  • Environmental noise
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Advantages of good office acoustics

Poor acoustics can cause annoying reverberation and uncomfortable sound levels. By installing acoustic solutions, it can provide the following benefits, among others:

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Productive and healthy workplace

A good acoustic environment results in less fatigue, less stress and ultimately less absence due to illness and therefore more efficiency.

Speech Privacy

By better shielding sound with acoustic barriers (desk screens, dividers), sound can spread less easily. As a result, employees experience less direct nuisance from each other.

Reduced sound level

By adding a good acoustic ceiling, the sound level in the room is reduced and the sound can be spread less widely. This ensures a better sound quality and sound experience.

Better intelligibility

By adding absorption, the reverberation in the room is reduced and this ensures better sound quality and increased intelligibility.

The best-selling solutions for good office acoustics

When the acoustics at the office are good, it has a positive effect on the productivity and satisfaction of employees. In order to achieve this, we have several acoustic (desk) screens and wall and ceiling solutions.

  • EASY ceiling element
  • EASYphoto
  • EASYfabric (desk)screens

View the full range of acoustic solutions for the office in our webshop.

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EASYceiling Plus

Acoustic ceiling element

  • Tailor-made deliverable
  • Aluminium frame
  • Available with lighting
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Acoustic photo panel

  • Customisation possible
  • Print of your choice
  • 100% recyclable
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If you would like more information about our acoustic products or their application, you can always call or send us a message. Our acoustic experts will be happy to help you and always know what to do!

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