Improving acoustics in the catering industry

The subject of acoustics is getting more and more attention in the catering industry. People often come there for rest and relaxation. A high sound level and a lot of reverberation interfere with this. Acoustical solutions improve, among other things:

  • Better speech intelligibility
  • Positive effect on the experience of guests
  • Guests are less likely to get tired
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Advantages of good acoustics in the catering industry

In the catering industry, many people often sit close together and together they produce a lot of sound. Poor acoustics will result in disturbing reverberation and uncomfortable sound levels. PLacing acoustic solutions can provide the following benefits, among others:

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Lower sound levels

By improving the acoustics, people don't have to raise their voices and/or shout at each other, which reduces the sound level.

Better intelligibility

Customers understand each other better, even over greater distances. People can talk to each other instead of shouting in their ears.

Less reverberation

By reducing the reverberation the perception of sound becomes more pleasant and it sounds less hollow in space.

Better reviews

More and more customers complain about restaurants and cafes with poor acoustics. Good acoustics lead to more fun and thus better reviews.

Improve acoustics in the catering industry

Acoustics play a very important role in the catering industry. Poor guest reviews and experiences have a negative influence on the clientele. When the acoustics in a restaurant are poor, this affects the experience and perception of the guests.

We have a wide range of acoustic and at the same time aesthetic solutions to counteract poor acoustics in a café, restaurant or hotel. These include both acoustic wall solutions and ceiling solutions.

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These solutions are chosen by others

In addition to acoustics, the aesthetics of the room also play an important role in the catering industry. When it comes to acoustic applications, you have a wide choice of both striking and discreet solutions. For example, the acoustic solution can disappear into the current interior or give the room(s) more character.

  • EASY ceiling element
  • EASYphoto wall panel
  • EASYpol HD baffles

View the full range of acoustic solutions for the catering industry in our webshop.

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EASYceiling Plus

Acoustic ceiling element

  • Tailor-made deliverable
  • Aluminium frame
  • Available with lighting
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Acoustic photo panel

  • Customisation possible
  • Print of your choice
  • 100% recyclable
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