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    The reduction of reverberation in the consultation room

    This office approached us with a clear problem: a considerable reverberation in the consultation room. Not only employees experienced this, but also the customers with whom they regularly called.

    To find a solution to this problem, Thomas visited the location. He carried out an acoustics measurement and mapped out how many and which acoustic solutions he could add. Thomas then went through the measurement report and the solution he had devised with the customer. Using a rough sketch, he showed the placement of the panels.

    In order to reduce the reverberation, it was decided together with the customer to add multiple ceiling islands and a photo panel. These solutions ensure that the reverberation in the consultation room is reduced and that the conference call can be easy to follow for both staff and customers.

    A quote from the customer: "We are very satisfied with the acoustics, and it looks good as well. We are also impressed by the craftsmanship of our fitter".

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