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    Reverberations reduced in an employment agency

    Reverberations reduced in an employment agency

    Employment agency Luba has several locations in the Netherlands, including a branch in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn. Annoying reverberations were experienced at this location. Luba turned on EASY Noise Control with the aim of reducing the reverberations in the room.

    Project Luba - Akoestische plafondeilanden - Akoestisch fotopaneel

    As an acoustic solution, black elongated ceiling elements were chosen that tie in nicely with the black ceiling. Two large acoustic photo panels have also been chosen. Images characteristic of the company were supplied by the employment agency.

    Quote from the customer: ''Our colleagues in Utrecht are very satisfied and notice a big difference. Finally, the annoying reverberations are gone."

    Uitzendbureau akoestisch verbeterd - Plafondeilanden - Akoestisch fotopaneel
    Plafondeilanden en fotopaneel project Luba