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    Port of Zeebrugge

    The second largest port in Belgium and one of the most important in Europe: we are of course talking about the Port of Zeebrugge. Here, poor acoustics were experienced in two conference rooms. Together with the customer, acoustic specialist Valérie came up with a suitable solution on location.

    Haven van Zeebrugge - akoestische fotopanelen - akoestische plafondeilanden

    It concerned the conference rooms north and south. Here, EASYceiling Plus ceiling elements and EASYphoto Acoustic photo panels were opted for. The photo panels contain beautiful images of the harbour.

    Furthermore, white photo panels have been chosen that serve as projection screens. This makes these panels not only practical, but also helps improve the acoustics in the room.

    Akoestische fotopanelen Haven van Zeebrugge
    Fotopanelen Haven van Zeebrugge