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    Music association with good acoustics

    At music association Hartog, we have installed large-format acoustic photo panels in the rehearsal rooms and the canteen. As a result, the acoustics have been restored to their former glory.

    Fotopanelen Muziekvereniging Hartog

    Music association Hartog recently underwent a major renovation of all its rooms. The organisation had already taken account of something that is very important when making music: the acoustics. Suspended ceilings were therefore installed during the renovation. However, the acoustics were still not optimal with this solution.

    Our acoustic consultant Thomas therefore visited the venue and carried out an acoustic measurement in both the rehearsal rooms and the canteen. In most rooms the reverberation time was too high and this confirmed that the suspended ceiling was not enough to improve the acoustics in these rooms.

    This long reverberation time was caused by horizontal reflections: reflections from one wall to the other. Together with the customer, we therefore decided to install several large acoustic photo panels in the different rooms. These have ensured that the acoustics in the rooms are in tip-top order again!

    Quote from the customer: "We are very satisfied and it looks great too".

    Akoestische fotopanelen muziekvereniging Hartog
    Akoestische fotopanelen - muziekvereniging akoestisch verbeterd