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    Improving reverberation at the meeting place

    By order of a housing corporation EASY Noise Control has installed acoustic wall panels in the meeting room of a senior housing complex. This building was built in 1881 as a monastery and later served as a community centre.

    The old monastery was recently restored and expanded with 77 flats, divided over three blocks. The central meeting area is the heart of the residential building and serves as a grand café. It offers residents the opportunity to go out in their own homes. Unfortunately, the reverberation was too high. We have of course improved this.

    Through the EASYphoto acoustic wall panels, the lighting fixtures have been implemented in a very beautiful way. In this way, the elements of lighting, acoustics and design come together beautifully. An asset for the meeting room.

    Project Toversnest - akoestische wandpanelen
    Akoestiek ontmoetingsruimte D’n Toversnest