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    Conference room and lunch room acoustically improved

    Conference room and lunch room acoustically improved

    Good acoustics are very important in several rooms in the workplace. Consider, for example, a conference room or the canteen. When the acoustics in the workplace are good, it provides peace for the employees.

    Wandpanelen en plafondpanelen Pall Life Scienes

    At this company, annoying reverberations were experienced in the conference and canteen area. Acoustic specialist Valèrie has examined various acoustic solutions together with the customer and made a choice based on these.

    In both rooms, white EASYceiling Plus ceiling elements and acoustic photo panels were chosen. Thanks to the wide-ranging photo panels – from beautiful photos to three shades of blue – the spaces are very diverse.

    Akoestische plafond en wandpanelen Pall Life Scienes