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    Assembly room Schrijver Stalinrichting

    In the Schrijver Stable Equipment assembly room, we installed 72 EASYindustry Ceiling elements in combination with two large EASYphoto acoustic photo panels measuring 300 x 300 cm. These solutions have led to a very nice result and a strong improvement of the acoustics. This makes it much nicer to work in the assembly room.


    Air spanners and various other tools are used in the assembly room, which creates loud noises. The employees in the assembly room also experienced a lot of trouble due to the long reverberation time. The company went in search of a solution and contacted us to help with this.

    Our acoustic advisor Ruben visited the location to take a measurement and found that the reverberation time in the assembly room was 3 seconds. This is far too high and confirmed that the acoustics were not pleasant to work in. To reduce the reverberation time in the room to 1.7 seconds, we supplied 72 islands of ceilings and 2 large acoustic photo panels.

    The EASYindustry Ceiling panels were specially developed for halls and workshops and are therefore the perfect solution for this mounting area.

    With the EASYphoto acoustic photo panels it is possible to supply the photos yourself. And if your assembly area has the look and feel of a barn, you don't have to think twice and choose beautiful pictures of cows.

    These acoustic solutions offer both functional and aesthetic solutions! Quote from the customer: ''Thank you on our behalf for the beautiful photo's and the fast service''.

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