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    Sandwich panels

    Acoustic sandwich panels are self-supporting panels with excellent noise-insulating and noise-absorbing properties that are extremely suitable for the construction of sound barriers, partition walls, industrial wall coverings and enclosures.

    The acoustic sandwich panels are made entirely of fire-safe materials. With a glass cloud core and a thickness of 100 mm, the sandwich panels are stable, solid and resistant to outdoor conditions.

    What are acoustic sandwich panels?

    In contrast to ‘normal’ sound insulation sandwich panels, these panels are also sound-absorbing. We also call them perforated sandwich panels, because there is a perforation in the steel top layer. This perforation not only stops sound, but also dampens it. Since the core of an absorbent glass wool is sound attenuated.

    Sound-absorbing sandwich panels help to reduce reflections. This panel is also ideal for counteracting reverberation.

    By using perforated sandwich panels, you kill two birds with one stone. This is because you can build a sandwich panel wall that both insulates and absorbs.

    Where can you apply acoustic / sound-absorbing sandwich panels?

    The EASYpanel is used to build a sandwich panel wall. This panel is particularly effective if you want to place a wall around a noisy machine or compressor. In an industrial environment, sound-insulating sandwich panel walls are also used as partitions. Think of production halls with heavy machinery or a lot of production noise. For example, customers install acoustic walls measuring 30 x 7 metres. In this way, quiet environments are separated from production parts or machines.

    In addition, an enormous absorption capacity is added to optimise the acoustics in a production hall. Regular sandwich panels also have a reflective effect on sound and this causes annoyance from reverberation. It is therefore an added value to build walls from acoustic sandwich panels.

    As an application, think also of a sound-absorbing casing on an air conditioner on the roof. It is therefore also used as an acoustic sound barrier or sound-absorbing casing. You separate a source of receiver from each other and attenuate reflections and any reverberation. The acoustic sandwich panels have an insulation value (Rw) of 34 dB and an absorption value (Alpha-w) of 1.0.

    The panels can therefore also be placed outside on a roof or pump. When using the panels outside, take into account a good construction for rain and wind. Hire a good structural engineer for this or ask our advice!


    The perforated sandwich panels are 10 cm thick. They have a perforation on the inside. On both sides is on request. The colour of the panels is standard in Ral 9002, but can also be made in other colours on a project basis.

    You can order the panels in a desired length and in a width of 100 cm. We deliver them per pack of 4 pieces.

    Customized sandwich panels

    Customized acoustic sandwich panels can be made on request. We can also take care of the installation of walls from 150m2. Installing sandwich panels yourself, with the right profiles and constructor is not enormously complex. Of course, we will be happy to provide you with advice.