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    The reverberation time in a room is reduced by applying sound absorbing solutions to reflective, architectural materials. This often involves looking at the ceiling first, which is not surprising: a large, reflective surface spread across the entire room. The ideal place to install ceiling panels, but which one? See below for an overview of all EASY Noise Control ceiling solutions.

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    Sound insulation ceiling

    To make the acoustics in the room more pleasant, it is effective to apply sound insulation to the ceiling. We have various products in the range at EASY Noise Control for this. For example, ceiling elements or ceiling panels, or individual products such as various foams and wools.

    Why use the ceiling to add acoustic products?

    The reverberation time in a room is reduced by applying sound-absorbing solutions to reflective materials. The first thing to do is look at the ceiling, which is not surprising: a large, reflective surface, spread over the entire room.

    Also, in most cases, the ceiling is still an unused surface. That is often not the case with a wall, for example because of a window or pictures on the wall.

    Elements that are already attached to the ceiling – such as a lamp – can be attached through the ceiling panels/elements. This is why it is often opted for an acoustic solution on the ceiling.

    An aesthetic solution for the ceiling

    We have just mentioned: ceiling elements and ceiling panels. These are products that can be placed against the ceiling as sound insulation. Ceiling elements hang from the ceiling and ceiling panels are attached directly to the ceiling. Both are aesthetically very nice solutions to improve the acoustics in the room.

    Ceiling elements

    We have ceiling elements in various designs and colours. For example, we have elements without or with an aluminium frame. The aluminium frame is available in the colours aluminium, white and black. The elements themselves are available in a total of 22 colours from white to pink, so there is something for everyone! The ceiling elements are also available in different sizes and shapes, for example square or round.

    Ceiling panels

    The ceiling panels are available in 22 colours, in 3 sizes and available in 2 finishes: with a straight edge and with a bevelled edge. The assembly adhesive is included in the delivery so that you can directly start assembling the panels yourself. However, we also have in-house fitters who can install the ceiling panels!