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    Acoustic table screens

    Turn your table or desk into a professional home office with EASY Noise Control acoustic table screens. The combination of acoustics and visual shielding allows you to maintain a better concentration.

    Why a table screen?

    If you are bothered by the sound of someone next to or opposite you, a screen on the table can help. With its high absorption capacity, it dampens sound on the one hand. On the other hand, its dense and fine structure offers more physical privacy.

    The great thing about a table screen is that it is easy to set up and store. Moreover, you can easily take it with you again, which makes it a handy solution if you have to change from one workplace to another, for example.

    With such a desk screen you can choose how long and where you want to work in privacy. You probably do not always feel the need to sit behind a screen. A regular desk screen or partition is a lot less flexible, as it is fixed with a bracket.

    Table screen school

    A good application for using such screens is in education, where classroom teaching is frequently alternated with individually concentrated work. A student who is easily distracted simply places a screen on his or her desk. As a result, a student finds more peace, focus and less distraction.

    This is also a very pleasant solution for working from home. For example, when you work with several housemates at one table. For this reason, EASY Noise Control has also developed a version for those who work from home (EASY@home homework castle).

    Another common situation where such solutions are applied is in call centres. After all, a lot of phone calls are made here and it is, of course, nice to have a defined area with more privacy and better intelligibility.

    What should you pay attention to when purchasing your own?

    • The higher and wider a screen is, the more sound is blocked. After all, it is difficult for sound to get over or past it.
    • The thicker and heavier, the better it blocks out sound. Mass is what blocks sound.
    • Measure the size relative to your desk!
    • The simplicity of folding and storage.
    • Aesthetic wishes


    With a table screen, you provide more privacy and tranquillity around your workplace. Good room acoustics ensure that your screen works even better.

    Poor acoustics results in too many reflections, reverberations and often ambient noise. This drowns out the effect of a screen. It is therefore advisable to first reduce the reverberation. You do this by means of sound absorption on the walls or ceiling. These are the main surfaces that can cause noise pollution.

    A partition should contribute to reducing the direct transmission of sound. However, only when the acoustic situation is in order does it make sense to install partitions around workstations.