Product description

EASYpanel sandwich panels have excellent sound-insulating and -absorbing properties thanks to their perforated inner surface. They are ideally suited for the construction of sound barriers, partitions, industrial wall coverings and enclosures. The panels can be removed individually and delivered within a few working days.

– Length up to 13 metres
– Sound-insulating and -absorbing
– Self-supporting


Our EASYpanel acoustic sandwich panels have the following features:

  • Standard in polyester coating RAL 9002 (inside and outside)
  • Perforated inside
  • Sound-insulating and sound-absorbing
  • Constructed from fire-safe materials: sendzimir galvanised steel and high-pressing mineral wool
  • Self-supporting

The EASYpanel panels have a working width of 1000 mm and are connected with a male-female joint.

In addition, the panels are made entirely of fire-safe materials.


The EASYpanel sandwich panels are excellent for building up:

  • Sound screens
  • Partitions
  • Industrial wall coverings
  • Enclosures

The 60 mm panels are mainly used in interior situations such as noise barriers, wall coverings or partitions.

The 100 mm panels are slightly more stable and solid, and because of the glass cloud core they are more resistant to outdoor conditions.

100 mm with glass wool core

Our 100 mm sandwich panels have a standard glass wool core. This makes EASYpanel lighter and more durable than the usual stone wool panels. With a sound insulation value of Rw 34 dB and an alpha W of 1.00, EASYpanel is also acoustically very high-quality.

Acoustic value

Absorption coefficient

Noise reduction index


On request, the EASYpanel sandwich panels are supplied with accessories such as mounting profiles, doors and windows.


On request we offer the following options. Most options have a minimum purchase of approx. 150 m2 and a delivery time of approx. 3 to 6 working weeks.

– Different dimensions (lengths up to 13 metres)
– Different thicknesses
– Double sided perforation
– Plastisol coating outer sheet
– Turnkey projects including transport and assembly
– Different colour outer plate:
RAL9001   RAL9002
RAL9006   RAL9007
RAL9010   RAL7016
RAL7035   RAL7037
RAL8804   RAL8011
RAL6011   RAL6020
RAL5010   RAL3000
RAL3009   RAL1015


It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional conditions or contact us.

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EASYpanel | Sandwich panels

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Sandwich panels with sound insulating and absorbing properties thanks to perforated interior.

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