Product description

EASYmass sound barrier mats offer high mass at low thickness. This makes the mats ideal to increase the noise insulation value. The EASYmass sound barrier mats are measuring 125 x 100 cm. The EASYmass 7.5 kg/m2 has a thickness of 3 mm and the EASYmass 14 kg/m2 has a thickness of 7 mm. The type of 14 kg/m2 is provided with a jute back for additional internal tensile strength and easy adhesion with the surface.

– Increases noise insulation value of, e.g. floors
– High mass at low thickness (3 mm)
– Weight: 7.5 kg/m2 or 14 kg/m2


EASYmass sound barrier mats are made of a flexible, noise-insulating plastic and are provided with a smooth decorative coating layer. In addition, the type of 14 kg/m2 has a jute back. The jute back provides additional internal tensile strength and easy adhesion with the surface. The planes are composed of a polymer filled with the natural mineral barium sulphate. No heavy metals or bitumen are incorporated into these mats.


Examples of applications are:
– Reducing the noise of machines, engines, compressors, aggregates
– Noise insulation of air ducts and pipelines
– Noise insulation of floors


– Type of material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
– Basic colour: anthracite
– Surface structure: smooth
– Density: 2300 kg/m3
– Fire resistance class: FMVSS 302 flame-extinguishing
– Utilisation temperature: -30 to 65 degrees Celsius


These sound barrier mats are very well and easy to combine with the EASYfoam noise absorption foams.

Noise insulation value

The noise insulation values of EASYmass are as follows:
– EASYmass 7.5 kg/m2: Rw = 25 dB
– EASYmass 14 kg/m2: Rw = 30 dB

When EASYmass is used to weight an existing construction (for example a wall or a floor), the noise insulation is approximately 3 dB per each doubling of the mass. This means EASYmass works particularly well if the surface is not heavier than EASYmass itself.


It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional conditions or contact us.

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