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EASYdemp is a self-adhesive, bitumen anti-drumming sheet. This product distinguishes itself from similar products by combining proper anti-drumming with a high level of flexibility, meaning it can also be easily applied to bent surfaces. The anti-drumming sheets are measuring 105 x 100 cm and a minimum purchase of 10 applies.

For purchases of lesser quantities of this product, have a look at the car audio anti-drumming sheets.

– Combines proper anti-drumming with flexibility
– Water and oil resistant
– Self-adhesive


Flexible bitumen anti-drumming sheet, also called anti-drumming foil, provided on the back with a self-adhesive agent and a grey PE-protection foil. This product has a recognisable pressed-in structure and a transparent polyethylene foil on the visible side protecting the sheet.


EASYdemp is mainly suitable to dampen vibrations in metal but is also often used in wooden sandwich constructions for additional mass and attenuation. The vibration energy is dampened when EASYdemp is applied to metal sheet which reduces the noise radiation. It is not always necessary to cover the enter surface to achieve proper anti-drumming; 60% of the surface is usually more than enough.

Frequently used applications are: the anti-drumming of pipe enclosures, ventilation ducts, panels, sinks, machine parts, façade cladding, enclosures, etc.


– Easy to cut into size
– Because of its flexibility, EASYdemp is suitable to process cylindrical shapes
– The surface has to be dry, dustless and greaseproof
– It is important to avoid air inclusions
– Do not process at temperatures of less than 15 degrees Celsius
– First have the EASYdemp acclimatise in a warm space if the temperature reached less than 15 degrees during transport
– EASYdemp has a starting adhesive strength and a final adhesion which is active after approximately 6 hours

Purchase and delivery:

Minimum purchase = 10 units


EASYdemp is also delivered customised in punched or tailor-made parts. Contact us to inquire about the possibilities.


– Flame-extinguishing according to FMVSS 302, M2
– Temperature resistance from -10 to +90 ºC.
– Resistant to water, oil and dilute acids.
– Does not contain toxic or aggressive substances.
– Maximum storage period: 3 months.
– Dimensional tolerances: +/- 20 mm on length and width, +/- 0,1 mm on thickness
– Weight tolerance: +/- 0,2 kg/m2

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Anti dreun voor plaatmateriaal

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