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Product description

EASYbond vibration insulation is perfectly suitable as a subfloor to dampen vibrations. EASYbond is available in two thicknesses. The variant with a thickness of 1 cm (density of 200 kg/m3) has an optimal density and thickness to be used underneath parquet and laminate. The 3 cm thick (density of 140 kg/m3) EASYbond variant is extremely suitable for the construction of a floating floor in a sound studio, underneath a washing machine, drum kit or other source of vibration.

– Vibration insulation
– Based on recycled polyurethane foams
– Very consistent composition

EASYbond for parquet / laminate flooring

This EASYbond is very suitable to apply directly onto the floor. You then cover the material with the parquet / laminate. Make sure the parquet / laminate does not make any contact with the walls to achieve a great result.

This product can be perfectly combined with EASYmass 14 kg/m2 on a wooden floor. Because of this combination, both the transfer of air noise (TV, talking) and contact noise (walking) towards the neighbours is limited as much as possible.

EASYbond for parquet / laminate

EASYbond vibration insulation with a thickness of 3 cm has a density of 140 kg/m3 and is extremely suitable to create a floating subfloor and to prevent contact noise. A floating floor is made as follows:

– Make sure the floor is flat and place the EASYbond directly onto the concrete surface. We recommend, in case of a wooden floor, to first place a rigid plate with as much as possible mass. In case of a washing machine you can opt for paving stones.
– The finishing floor is placed directly on top of the EASYbond. You could use, for example, a double layer of Multiplex as finishing floor. The floor becomes a whole by mounting the 2 layers diagonally across. Make sure the floor does not come in contact with walls and/or floors.


EASYbond is made of recycled polyurethane foams. This gives this product a “variegated” colour that can vary per batch. We therefore also call it a flake foam.

This product is specially formulated for vibration isolation. Because of this, the structure of the material is relatively consistent. This in comparison with materials that resemble it.


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EASYbond | Vibration insulation

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