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    BuzziSpace | BuzziTube

    BuzziSpace | BuzziTube

    Upholstered acoustic floating ceiling element in a ring shape


    Product description

    BuzziTube is a playful acoustic ceiling element by BuzziSpace in the shape of a ring. The ceiling element can be hung from the ceiling like a floating element. You can also hang the BuzziTube over existing lighting. This makes it a real eye-catcher for your home or office. The BuzziTube is available in four models: S, M, L and XL.

    The BuzziTube is available online in the fabric: BuzziFabric, with a choice of 44 colours. Other fabrics and colours are available on request.

    • Acoustic element

    • Acoustic and aesthetic

    • Available in several fabrics and colours

    Versions and dimensions

    The BuzziTube is available in four versions with fixed dimensions.

    Dimensions (Ø x H):
    S: 80 x 22,5 cm
    M: 80 x 45 cm
    L: 120 x 40 cm
    XL: 120 x 52,5 cm



    The BuzziTube is available online in the BuzziFabric fabric, made of felt. Other fabrics and colours are available on request.



    The BuzziTube comes standard with adjustable suspension cables of 2 metres in the colour black or aluminium. The ceiling element can be hung up in two ways: straight hanging or split hanging.

    Straight hanging: the BuzziTube is fixed to the ceiling at three points and can be used with all models.

    Split suspension: the BuzziTube is hung from the ceiling with only one point. The split suspension is only possible for the models S and M.

    It is possible to order suspension cables of 5 meter at an extra charge. Please contact us for this.



    The BuzziTube is delivered including the mounting accessories. The installation manual can be found under the heading downloads.


    In the case of installation on a suspended ceiling, the load-bearing capacity must be checked before installation.

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    • Acoustic element

    • Aesthetic

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