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    EASY Noise Control
    Geluidsisolatie motorruimte

    Noise-insulation for engines

    Engines are often the main source of noise in vehicles, ships and machines, among others. They are also challenging noise sources to develop a solution for. Engines become hot, need oxygen (in the case of an internal combustion engine) and are built into vehicles or machines as compact as possible. From an acoustic point of view, changing the engine speed is also a challenge, where especially the lower frequencies (e.g. in a boat, or when stationary) can lead to an annoying humming and even vibrations.  

    Less sound

    The advantages

    Engines that produce less sound contribute in a positive way to the (working) environment of the users.

    Reduce harmful sound

    Large, heavy-duty engines in industrial applications can produce very high sound levels that cause hearing damage (over time).

    Increase comfort

    Even if sound is not harmful, it can still be a source of annoyance. Varying speeds, but also monotonous sounds can cause annoyance to users.

    A good selling point

    Attention to the sound of your machine and/or engine strengthens your marketing and sales activities.

    The best-selling solutions

    For noise-insulation of engines

    Acoustic materials, quick to order, easy to process and proven effective. Don't know which acoustic materials best suits your problem? Our experts will be happy to help you identify the challenges in insulating the sound of your engines and find a suitable solution. Feel free to contact us.

    Most commonly used:

    • EASYfoam FireSeal
    • EASYfoam AC2
    • EASYfoam PU
    • EASYdemp