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    Noise-insulation for aggregates and powerpacks

    Aggregates and powerpacks are used in locations where there is no power, such as events or construction sites. With good noise-insulation, a generator or powerpack becomes more quiet. By reducing both airborne noise and vibrations in the housing, the unit can be used in more locations to your satisfaction. The internal combustion engine in the unit or powerpack needs air to run and cool. Keeping the complete unit compact and transportable is also a requirement that we take into account.  

    What is the advantage of good noise-insulation in aggregates and powerpacks?


    Investing in good noise-insulation for your generator or power pack can result in the following benefits, among others:

    Better product

    Clients are paying more and more attention to sound levels of machines. A quieter variant is seen as an important added value.

    Wider deployability

    A silent aggregate or powerpack can be used more and more frequently on (temporary) projects because it causes less inconvenience to users and local residents.

    Safer work environment

    In work environments, harmful and annoying sound can create dangerous situations. Quiet machines and equipment reduce this risk.

    The best-selling solutions

    For good noise-insulation in aggregates and powerpacks

    Acoustic materials, quick to order, easy to process and proven effective. Not sure which acoustic material is the best match for your generator or powerpack? Feel free to contact us and make an appointment with one of our specialists to insulate your aggregate or powerpack.

    Most commonly used:

    • EASYfoam Fireseal
    • EASYfoam AC2
    • EASYfoam PU
    • EASYdemp