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    Improving acoustics in an extracurricular care facility

    Busy children in combination with hard floors and walls often have poor acoustics as a result in an extracurricular care facility. Acoustic solutions reduce reverberation. Less reverberation makes children calmer, less tired and has a positive influence on a child's development. Acoustic challenges:

    • very low reverberation time;
    • reduced sound level;
    • better speech intelligibility.

    The advantages of good acoustics in an extracurricular care facility

    Four benefits

    Many extracurricular care facilities are located in high monumental buildings with many hard walls, floors and ceilings. This does not benefit the acoustics. When redecorating a extracurricular care facility, we often see that acoustic materials are removed, avoided and not added. The advantages of good acoustics in a extracurricular care facility:

    Healthy children

    Noise is bad for the mood. Processing stimuli costs a lot of energy in small children and they become irritated and tired more quickly.

    Safe environment

    Too much noise can lead to confusing and stressful situations or children can be overlooked. This can result in a counsellor acting less adequately and intervening incorrectly.

    Better development of children

    Less fatigue, more rest. Improved intelligibility so that the message is better received by children. All this together is positive for the development of children. Happy teachers, pupils and parents.

    Healthier supervisors

    Good acoustics also lead to less stress and fatigue for supervisors. Ultimately resulting in less absence due to illness.

    The best-selling solutions

    For good acoustics in an extracurricular facility

    The acoustic solution must comply with modern requirements such as fire safety, impact resistance and hygiene. There are several practical and efficient solutions for improving acoustics. There are also more creative and aesthetic solutions that fit well in a care facility. Soft and cuddly materials, without sharp edges, are often chosen.

    • EASYphoto frameless
    • EASYceiling element
    • EASYfabric wall panel

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