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    Improving acoustics in a meeting room

    In a meeting room, good acoustics are essential for a fruitful consultation or conference call and also leads to less fatigue. For a meeting room, good acoustics mean that speech intelligibility is optimal. Good speech intelligibility is achieved by adding an acoustic solution, which reduces reverberation and sound reflections. Acoustic challenges:

    • Good intelligibility;
    • No reflections from walls and ceiling;
    • Less reverberation;
    • Speech privacy to surrounding areas.

    What is the advantage of good acoustics in a meeting room?

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    Many meeting rooms are furnished with many hard materials such as glass walls, a concrete floor and a steel ceiling. Too many hard materials lead to annoying sound reflections and sound levels that are too high. Acoustic solutions are needed and lead to:

    Reduced noise level

    By adding a good acoustic ceiling, the sound level in the room is reduced and can carry sound less far. This ensures a better sound quality and sound experience.

    Speech privacy

    By better shielding sound with acoustic barriers (desk screens, dividers), sound can spread less easily. As a result, employees experience less direct nuisance from each other.

    Productive and healthy workplace

    A good acoustic environment results in less tiredness, less stress and ultimately less absence due to illness and therefore more efficiency.

    High-quality conversations

    Fewer distractions and improved concentration through appropriate acoustic interventions ensure that an employee listens better and makes better quality telephone calls.

    The best-selling solutions

    For good acoustics in a meeting room

    The acoustic solution must be aesthetically pleasing to the layout of the room. When it comes to acoustic applications, there is a wide choice of both striking and discreet solutions. For example, the acoustical solution can disappear into the current interior or can also be used as a branding of the room.

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    • EASYultra wall panels

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