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    Improving acoustics in a hotel

    In hotels various sound problems can play a role. Architecturally, it is very important to ensure good sound insulation between rooms. In this way you prevent the transmission of noise between guests. In addition, the acoustic climate inside the rooms is also important. This applies in particular to the general areas such as corridors, stairwells, meeting rooms, reception and the restaurant. The acoustics in the rooms themselves can also be a point of attention.

    • Better speech intelligibility;
    • Less reverb;
    • More peace and concentration.

    Improving acoustics in 5 steps

    EASY Noise Control is a specialist in acoustics and sound insulation



    Step 1: Explanation and preliminary discussion

    Our acoustic consultants will look at the problem together with you on site. You will receive a brief explanation of how we work and, if desired, a more detailed description of the noise problems in your specific situation.



    Step 2: Acoustic measurement of the rooms

    If necessary, an acoustic measurement takes place in each individual room. A measurement consists of the positioning of a so called sound meter. After that, some shots are fired with an alarm pistol, which measures the so-called reverberation time. Such a measurement takes approx. 10 minutes and takes place without any employees present.



    Step 3: Find solutions in the Acoustic Advisor

    We enter the measurement data into our software package, which we developed in-house, and we take a close look at each room to find out which solutions are best for you. You will see the effect of the proposed solutions after evaluation and can ask any open questions to us. Since aesthetics also play an important role, our consultant has enough samples with him so that you don't have to base your choice on just one online picture.



    Step 4: Reporting and quotation

    You will receive our measurement report almost immediately after our visit, so that you can think about it or discuss it with a colleague in peace. You will also receive an offer from us, if required, including delivery and installation of the solution.



    Step 5: Follow-up

    We would be happy to keep in touch with you. If you want to adjust something, we would be happy to process it for you, so that you always know how the intended solution has an acoustic effect.

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    Acoustic problems in a hotel

    At a hotel there are often different acoustic challenges.

    The following may play a role:


    By improving the acoustics in a hallway, step and speech sounds are reduced prematurely. As a result, the sound spreads less easily to more distant rooms.


    By improving the acoustics, the step and speech sound is reduced prematurely and spreads less easily over different floors.


    Improving the acoustics at reception increases the ability to concentrate and speech intelligibility. This also contributes to a more pleasant atmosphere.


    With good acoustics the sound level decreases. Guests understand each other better and talk less loudly to be able to make themselves understood.

    The best-selling solutions

    For good acoustics in a hotel

    An acoustic solution must of course also be pleasing to the eye. That's why we have a wide range of acoustic solutions that either disappear into the design or contribute to it.

    • EASYphoto wall panels
    • EASY ceiling elements

    Request for advice

    Targeted consulting

    If you would like more information about our acoustic products or their application, you can always call or send us a message. Our acoustic experts will be happy to help you and always know what to do!

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