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    Improving acoustics in a Café

    In a café, good acoustics are very important in order to understand each other well. By improving the acoustics, customers don't need to raise their voices, which greatly reduces the sound level in the room when it's crowded. Having a conversation costs less energy, which makes customers feel more comfortable.

    • Better intelligibility;
    • Lower sound levels;
    • Less reverberation.

    Advantages of good acoustics in a café

    Four benefits

    Especially when there are a lot of people standing or sitting close together in a café, which sometimes makes it impossible to have a conversation. Improving the acoustics in a café has the following advantages:

    Better intelligibility

    Customers understand each other better, even over greater distances. People can talk to each other instead of shouting in their ears.

    Lower sound levels

    By improving the acoustics, the sound level in the entire room decreases. As a result, there is more peace and quiet and concentration increases.

    Less reverberation

    By reducing the reverberation in the room, sound spreads less quickly and the perception of sound in the room is pleasant.

    Better sound

    With good acoustics, the sound quality of HiFi systems increases significantly.

    The best-selling solutions

    For good acoustics in a café

    For cafés we have a variety of solutions that always take the interior into account. With an acoustic solution it is also important that it looks good. Alternatively, we can offer solutions that disappear into the space.

    • EASYceiling elements
    • EASYphoto wall panels
    • EASYfabric wall panels
    • EASYultra wall panels

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