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    Sustainable products

    Are you looking for sustainable acoustic products? More and more products from our range are made in a responsible and sustainable way. Think of materials such as polyester wool and PET felt that are partly recycled and 100% recyclable. You will also find the material Ecosorb with us. Made from waste old jeans.

    In addition, with our ceiling and wall solutions, you have products that have a long lifespan and are made in a responsible manner. Of course we challenge ourselves every day to produce even more sustainably. By choosing sustainable acoustic products, you choose efficiency and a better world.

    Sustainable acoustic solutions

    A little better every day

    Sustainable or circular solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Our range consists of products that are 100% circular (infinite life cycle), (partially) recycled or recyclable.  

    Wall panels

    Sustainable acoustic wall panels consisting of recycled fabric, recyclable prints and possibly 100% circular acoustic filling. Or how about Baux's solutions? Made entirely from recycled pulp.


    Sustainable acoustic ceiling solutions consisting of baffles made from recycled cotton or polyester. Or our standard EASYceiling solutions that already consist of 40% recycled material and are fully recyclable.


    With acoustic materials such as Metisse and EASYpol, we have very high-quality circular and sustainable solutions for acoustics and sound insulation. You will not find better.


    It is possible on a project basis to develop a sustainable or circular acoustic product. Think of panels that we refurbish. Or panels made from harvested acoustic materials and recycled wool and textiles.

    Popular sustainable acoustic products


    Practical sustainable acoustic insulation such as Ecosorb is ideal for various solutions, for example:

    • to use for filling wall panels;
    • for use behind a retaining wall
    • to use under a floor.

    Or use it as absorption in a housing or just in a room.

    Circulaire oplossing

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    About sustainable products

    If you would like more information about our acoustic products or their application, you can always call or send us a message. Our acoustic experts will be happy to help you and always know what to do!

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