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    Sustainable ambition

    EASY Noise Control is aware of its role and obligations in relation to a sustainable future for people and the environment. After all, we bring physical products into the world that require raw materials and energy to produce.

    We are constantly working on increasingly sustainable products and services. We do this by making conscious and careful choices, in which:

    • we want to do a little better every day;
    • we create social and environmental value in addition to financial value;
    • we believe that with every choice we make an impact on a more sustainable world;
    • we move others to also act sustainably!

    Did you know that?

    Sustainable ambition

    Did you know that EASY Noise Control:

    We provide 18 households with electricity

    With more than 500 solar panels, we generated a total of 142,402 KWh in 2020. With an annual consumption of 93,630 KWh, we have on balance returned 48,772 KWh. Enough to provide power to 18 households for a year!

    We have materials that are 100% recycled

    With Ecosorb we offer a material that is 100% recycled. Moreover, this material can be fully reused or recycled. This means we have top sustainable products in our range.

    We are well on our way, but want to get even better

    'Better every day' is our motto. We are making good progress with a sustainable building, recycled products, and we contribute to circular construction projects. There is so much more to improve upon. Think of reducing cutting waste, packaging material, reuse of ceiling plates, and finding good alternatives to less green materials.

    More on sustainability

    Solar panels and more

    Sustainable and circular transition

    Sustainability is a (design) requirement in the (re)development of our products and services. In which the wish and ambition are to give a product an infinite life cycle. We, therefore, aim to make 100% of our products reusable or recyclable by 2025. We do this by taking an active role in the returns process. With the aim of maintaining, repairing, refurbishing or recycling products.

    In addition, we are constantly looking for sustainable materials and suppliers with the same ambition. And we optimise our new and current products on the basis of LCAs (life cycle analyses).

    Solar panels

    Low CO2 emissions and energy consumption
    The main location has been built sustainably and has an A++++ label, partly due to more than 500 solar panels on the roof, combined with efficient climate and lighting systems. We separate our waste where possible and offer it to the most suitable parties for processing.

    We limit the movement of goods and people as much as possible by using smart logistics solutions and modern means of communication. For necessary movements, packaging, carriers and means of transport, as well as the products themselves, are selected for sustainability.

    Sustainable supply chain

    We do it together! We have partners that hold sustainability in high regard. We will keep the conversation going with current producers to increase their ambitions for a fruitful collaboration.

    Suppliers that do not go along with this or can be phased out and/or are no longer eligible for new products and services to be developed. So that we work with partners who consider sustainability as important as we do.

    Een circulair project

    Request for advice

    Advice on sustainability and acoustics

    If you would like more information about our acoustic products or their application, you can always call or send us a message. Our acoustic experts will be happy to help you and always know what to do!

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