Improve acoustics in residential care

In many residential care locations and nursing homes there are living rooms or bedrooms that need acoustic attention. Think of residential care locations or day care in the care of the mentally handicapped, senior citizens or a hospice. Improving the acoustics in a care location provides more peace, intelligibility and safe situations.  The challenges in such situations lie in the following topics:

  • Very low reverberation time
  • Muted noise level
  • Hygiene and safety
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What are the benefits of good acoustics in residential care?

In many of the residential care locations we visit, there are poor acoustics in communal areas. Think of shared living rooms, dining rooms or an auditorium. The acoustics are often poor due to hard floors and little furniture. This is very unpleasant for both residents and care providers. A good acoustics in these rooms is therefore very beneficial.

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Peace and comfort

Good acoustics provide more peace and comfort. Sounds become less shrill and better attenuated. The softening of sound is easier and this gives peace and comfort.


Sound becomes clear through good acoustics. There is less noise between source and receiver. Cries for help, quarrels and requests for help are easier to detect. This results in a safer work floor.

Healthy living and working environment

Less fatigue, less stress and higher productivity due to good acoustics. These results contribute to a healthy environment for both residents and care providers.

The best-selling solutions for good acoustics in care locations

The acoustic solution must comply with modern requirements such as fire safety, impact resistance and hygiene. There are various practical and efficient solutions for improving acoustics.

  • EASY Ceiling elements
  • EASY ceiling panels
  • EASYultra wall panel
  • EASYphoto wall panel

View the full range of acoustic solutions for care locations in our webshop.

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EASYceiling Plus

Acoustic ceiling element

  • Tailor-made deliverable
  • Aluminium frame
  • Available with lighting
Plafondpaneel Direct

EASYceiling Direct

Acoustic ceiling panel

  • Glueable
  • Straight edge or facet edge
  • Including assembly adhesive
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