Improve acoustics in the gym

In a gymnasium, good acoustics are very important. For both pupil and teacher, good acoustics in a gym leads to improved speech intelligibility and more peace. This also applies to other sports halls.

Moreover, a quiet gymnasium can provide clear and safe situations. This is because the sound quality goes up, which makes sound easier to place.

The NOC-NSF has also set standards with regard to reverberation time and background noise levels in gymnasiums. Too high reverberation in a gym leads to sound hardly being able to fade out. In combination with busy students, there is too much noise.

Acoustic challenges:

  • Reverberation level according to NOC-NSF standard
  • Improvement of speech intelligibility
  • Limiting flutter echo
  • Impact resistance
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What is the advantage of good acoustics in a gymnasium?

Gymnasiums have a large volume and many hard surfaces which results in poor acoustics. Sports is often an outlet for students, and is an hour in which they make a lot of noise and are busy. The noise level it brings is very annoying. For a gym teacher who is in this environment on a daily basis, this can eventually lead to noise deafness.

Gym acoustics is important and this deserves the right investment. If it is done properly, good acoustics in a gymnastics hall will bring a lot of benefits:

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Low reverberation and flutter echo reduction

Because of the dimensions of a gymnasium, a flutter often takes place between the walls. By adding absorption both to the ceiling and on long walls, the reverberation in the room is reduced. This is the foundation for comfortable acoustics in gymnasiums.

Prevention of hearing damage

Prolonged noise leads to hearing damage. Lower noise levels due to sufficient acoustic facilities can prevent hearing damage.

Healthy learning environment

Sport is a moment of relaxation. A quiet gym results in less fatigue, stress and less absence due to illness.

Better school performance and intelligibility

Lower reverberation is better intelligibility and promotes the processing of the lesson material. Movement in a pleasant, safe and quiet environment is important for a happy brain. It motivates students to perform well.

Improve acoustics sports hall or gymnasium? The best-selling solutions:

EASY Noise Control offers various solutions for acoustics in gymnasiums. These solutions are of course also suitable for acoustics sports hall. Think of a sports hall where basketball, korfball, hockey or soccer takes place.

The acoustical solution must meet modern requirements with regard to fire safety, impact resistance and hygiene. There are several practical and efficient solutions for improving the acoustics in gymnasiums. There are also more creative and aesthetic solutions that fit well in a room.

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Acoustic wall panels

  • Customisation
  • Impact resistant
  • Fire resistant
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Wall panel

  • Also suitable for metal walls
  • Various patterns
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