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    Unique acoustic solution at school in church

    Around the summer of 2020, we were approached by a school with a request for an acoustic solution. The educational institution has several locations where small-scale education is provided. This time, the location was a beautiful old church.

    Unieke akoestische oplossing bij kerk SVPO Deventer

    At this site, there was a problem with reverberation in the canteen and two classrooms. The acoustics were good for a church, but unpleasant for speech intelligibility and quietness during teaching. We made an acoustic measurement. The reverberation time was very high for an educational purpose.

    In consideration of the high ceiling, in which beautiful arches are visible, we wanted to offer a solution that matched the identity and appearance of the building. In doing so, we wanted to take into account the beautiful elements present in the space. Because of this, we were inspired to come up with the solution as it has now been implemented.

    Given the possibilities of the space, it is a fine task to ensure the balance between aesthetics and acoustics. With the enthusiastic approval of the organisation we set to work. The assembly proceeded smoothly on the basis of detailed drawings. The installation took more than a week.

    In the end the result is impressive! Both acoustically and aesthetically, this is a special project. We have literally taken the acoustics to a higher level with acoustic ceiling islands. The acoustic result is even better than expected. The customer is very satisfied.

    We could not have done this without our excellent technicians and close cooperation with the manufacturer of the materials.

    Akoestische oplossingen in kerk
    Akoestische oplossing kerk
    Akoestiek in een kerk
    Akoestische oplossingen kerk