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    Reduced reverberation time in a childcare centre

    A common problem in childcare facilities is the reverberation. Many high-pitched children's voices together result in a relatively longer reverberation time compared to a group of adults.


    The same problem was experienced by this childcare centre. Therefore, acoustic advisor Valerie visited the location for an acoustic measurement. It appeared that the reverberation time was indeed too high. It was important to solve the problem using acoustic products in order to keep the space, which was already busy, quiet. One of the customer's wishes was that it should be an attractive and playful solution that fits in with the image of a childcare centre.

    There has been chosen for a frameless EASYceiling Cloud ceiling elements in the colour White Frost. To make the effect of the rectangular ceiling elements more playful, circular EASYceiling Cloud Circle elements were added at different heights.

    A quote from the customer: "We were very pleased with how neatly the project was delivered by the fitters".

    Mirakel- akoestische ronde plafondeilanden - kinderopvang
    Plafondeilanden kinderdagverblijf - cirkelvormig