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    Open office improved acoustics

    Open office improved acoustics

    At / Louwman Group in Amersfoort, EASY Noise Control has greatly improved the acoustics. Due to the reverberation in the open office and the meeting and consultation rooms in the basement, we started working with ceiling and wall solutions.

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    After an acoustic measurement, we installed the following in the open office:

    • 24 pieces of EASYceiling Cloud in a size of 180 cm x 120 cm (colour White Frost)
    • 3 pieces EASYphoto min size 180 x 300 cm.

    In order to bring the intelligibility in the basement up to the required level, we used EASYceiling Direct. We also did this in the meeting rooms. EASYceiling Direct fits well in these low spaces because we glue these elements directly to the ceiling. In this way, as little height as possible is lost.

    All in all, the acoustics have improved enormously and it also makes for a very beautiful picture!

    Quote from the customer: "The result is overwhelming! We had expected a difference, but so big! We are very satisfied with the result and the work was done very neatly! Even after six months, the customer is still very satisfied and it is one of the best investments they have made in the building''.

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