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    Office Petrol Industries

    Office Petrol Industries

    We installed black ceiling elements in the office of Petrol Industries. Previously, this office was a showroom and by changing the function of the space, a lot of reverberation was experienced. The solution has led to a good acoustic and aesthetic result.

    Zwarte akoestische plafondeilanden

    Petrol Industries' office building was becoming too small for the number of employees, so the showroom was used to create extra workplaces. Previously, a lot of clothing was hanging in the showroom, which absorbed the sound well. The clothing was removed when it became an office space, creating reverberation in the room.

    Our acoustic consultant Thomas went on site to carry out an acoustic measurement. The reverberation time was indeed found to be much too high. Together with the customer, Thomas went in search of an effective acoustic solution that would not detract too much from the interior.

    They ended up with black acoustic ceiling elements. Because of the many obstacles on the ceiling, this was quite a job for our fitters. But the result, both acoustically and aesthetically, is worth it!

    Project Petrol Industries - zwarte akoestische plafondeilanden
    Zwarte plafondeilanden Petrol Industries