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Improved acoustics in a home

If a house has a reverberation time of 1 second, it is considered to have very poor acoustics. That was the case in this house.

In consultation with the client, acoustics consultant Wesley decided to place two ceiling islands in the living room above the two largest sound sources: above the kitchen island and the dining table. An additional ceiling island was added in the hallway to improve the acoustics in the house.

The ceiling element above the dining table as well as the one in the corridor is fitted with LED lighting. The LED lighting was provided by the customer and we did the rest!

Verbeterde akoestiek in een woning
Plafondeiland toevoegd om de akoestiek te verbeteren

EASYceiling Cloud - kaderloos plafondeiland

EASYceiling Cloud

Frameless ceiling element

  • Sleek appearance
  • Entirely frameless
  • Including adjustable cable hangers