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    Improved acoustics at association DSVP

    After the renovation of the football club canteen, complaints about noise disturbance started to arise. It was difficult to have a conversation in a packed canteen because of the reverberation in the space.

    For this reason, EASY Noise Control was approached with the question of whether we could solve this. Once on location, the cause of the reverberation was immediately apparent. The space was large, open and most of the used materials were hard. This causes direct reflection of the sound waves, quickly resulting in intelligibility due to voices in a full space. A good choice of the association would be to ask EASY Noice Control to solve this problem!

    It soon became clear that acoustic panels could solve this problem. Because it had to look aesthetic, a symmetrical arrangement of acoustic panels was chosen on the ceiling. To match the playfulness of the interior, a grey panel was added to the black frame.

    After the customer's approval, the acoustic panels were mounted to the ceiling. The pictures shown below represent the situation before and after the placement. A beautiful result that matches the interior. And ofcourse, the most important thing of all: it is now possible to have pleasant conversations and drinks in a full canteen without reverberation!

    The customer says the following: : ''The black acoustic panels look super sharp and the reactions of our members were laudatory!''.

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