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    Acoustics in a school

    At this school, we added eight acoustic ceiling panels to a classroom to reduce reverberation. Due to the many windows in this classroom, it was not possible to place anything on the wall and on the ceiling we did not have many possibilities either, because of the wooden frame and the lower roof.

    Plafondpanelen school Berg en Bos

    But at EASY Noise Control we do not think in problems, but in solutions! Therefore, the EASYceiling Direct Acoustic ceiling panels were chosen. These ceiling panels are mounted between the wooden beams and spotlights. This is an aesthetically responsible choice, which also ensures that the reverberation in the room is greatly reduced.

    Quote from the customer: "The aspects of reducing reverberation and an aesthetically pleasing solution are to our complete satisfaction".

    Why is it important to improve the acoustics in a school?

    Schools and primary schools are all about communication and speech transmission. Pupils need to be able to concentrate and teachers need to be audible throughout the classroom. If the acoustics at school are good, you will have:

    • no reverberation;
    • good speech transmission;
    • a high level of concentration;
    • No annoying reflections.

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