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Acoustics in a castle

In Wijnandsrade Castle, a few rooms have been converted into offices. The only downside: the acoustics were not as desired. By adding acoustic ceiling elements, desk screens and photo panels, this problem has been solved!

The office is divided into different spaces. There is a room with a call centre, a room with project managers and a meeting room. However, the acoustics in these areas were not optimal. The colleagues had a lot of trouble with each other, particularly because of the many telephone calls.

In order to improve the acoustics, they contacted EASY Noise Control, after which our acoustic specialist went on a site visit. It was important that the identity of the building was preserved as much as possible and was in good balance with the acoustics. Together with our acoustic specialist, a beautiful and effective solution was chosen.

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In the call centre, we installed acoustic desk screens between the desks. In the project managers' room, our fitters installed 18 acoustic ceiling elements and EASYphoto wall panels. Finally, in the meeting room, we mounted a large 240 x 120 cm acoustic photo panel. A successful project in a beautiful location!

Quote from the customer: "We are very satisfied with the result".

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Producten in dit project

easy photo


Acoustic photo panel

  • Customisation possible
  • Print of your choice
  • 100% recyclable
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EASYceiling Plus

Acoustic ceiling element

  • Tailor-made deliverable
  • Aluminium frame
  • Available with lighting
EASYfabric Desk Screen - akoestisch bureauscherm

EASYfabric Desk Screen

Acoustic desk screen

  • Easily attached to the desk
  • Available in several colours
  • High acoustic value