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    Acoustic solution for production halls

    Pacton Trailers is a Dutch trailer builder and builds customized trailers: a true craft! The new production halls in Ommen have been in use for several months now. Gradually it became clear that the reverberation time in the halls was too high. Measurements also showed this to be the case.

    Akoestische oplossing productiehallen

    In consultation with the customer, EASYindustry ceiling elements in combination with EASYindustry wall panels were chosen as the acoustic solution.

    The result

    With the acoustic solutions of EASY Noise Control, the average reverberation time of 2.83 seconds has been reduced to an average of 1.30 seconds. An amazing result which offers comfort to the employees working in the production halls!

    Akoestische oplossing productiehallen Pacton Trailers
    Pacton Trailers akoestische oplossing productiehallen