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Acoustic room dividers in an open office

In this enormous office space of 973 m², the staff experienced a lot of reverberation. After an acoustic measurement, we came up with a good solution.

The company approached EASY Noise Control because of the reverberation problem, after which our acoustic specialist Ruben performed a measurement on reverberation time on location. The measurement indeed showed that there was a long reverberation time. This was partly driven by the many hard, industrial materials. This is disastrous for the acoustics and therefore also for peace and speech intelligibility.

Together with the customer, Ruben came up with an effective, but also very charming solution: hanging diverse room dividers from the EASYfelt Divide collection.
The Divide is a visual and sound-absorbing room divider. The diverse designs are cut from 9 mm PET felt, which is largely made from recycled plastic bottles. Because of the adjustable cable hangers, the panels are easy to hang from the ceiling.

The addition of the acoustic screens creates a playful result and a clear effect on the acoustics in the large space.

A quote from the customer:
"Everything is well installed, and it also looks good. People already noticed the results.''

Kantoortuin Azena Eindhoven - akoestisch dividers
Kantoortuin Azena Eindhoven - akoestisch dividers

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  • Acoustic & Visual room divider
  • Unique designs
  • Available in several colours