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    Zorgboederij Onder Ons in Someren experienced a lot of reverberations in the living room. In the living room, daytime activities are provided for groups of elderly people. Because of the reverberations in the room, the group has to talk louder and louder in order to understand each other, resulting in a very undesirable acoustic situation.

    That is why Zorgboederij Onder Ons contacted acoustic advisor Ruben. Together, they searched for an acoustic solution that suited the interior. Straight and round glueable ceiling panels were chosen.

    Our fitter Gudo came by to install the panels. The straight panels were mounted tightly together and in the middle now hangs a round panel where the lamps have been passed through.

    The reverberations in the room are now gone, the acoustics have improved and the acoustic solutions look great in the interior!

    Akoestische plafondpanelen rond en vierkant
    Vierkante en ronde plafondpanelen