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Product description


The sample box contains samples of the following acoustic materials:

  • EASY damping – bituminous material with self-adhesive backing, reduced vibrations in metal parts
  • EASYfoam AC2 – acoustic foam with extra-strong top layer, tested best by various industrial customers. Self-adhesive backing
  • EASYfoam PU – acoustic foam with protective, smooth black top layer and self-adhesive backing
  • EASYfoam TC2 – acoustic foam with compacted top layer and self-adhesive backing
  • EASYpol polyester wool – sound-absorbing and fireproof polyester wool
  • EASYfoam Fireseal – fireproof and acoustic, self-adhesive back cover
  • EASYfoam Fireseal HR – fireproof, acoustic and with white protective top layer. CE Certificate for pleasure craft construction. Self-adhesive backing
  • EASYmass – very high specific gravity, suitable for heavier existing structures

QR codes

The acoustic materials in the sample box are all provided with a sticker with QR code. These QR codes work as follows: by scanning the QR code with a telephone, you will be taken directly to the corresponding product page on our website. On the product page you will find all the information about the product and the different thicknesses and sizes in which that product is available.

Soortgelijke producten

EASYfoam Noppenschaumstoff

EASYfoam NP Premium

Convoluted foam

  • High-quality open-cell polyester
  • Firm thanks to uniform cell distribution
  • Self-adhesive
from €13,19
EASYfoam AC2



  • Moisture and oil resistant top layer
  • Firm structure of the top layer
  • Self-adhesive
from €19,70



  • Black PU top layer
  • Oil and moisture resistant
  • Self-adhesive
from €14,74
EASYfoam FireSeal



  • Fire resistant
  • Antibacterial and anti-fungal
  • Noise-insulating because of the high density (90 kg/m3)
from €4,79

EASY | Samplebox

from € 8,26 excl. VAT

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