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Product description

EASYmass pipe insulation is developed especially to reduce flow regenerated noise in down pipes and drain pipes. Thanks to the core of aluminium mesh, this product can be easily shaped around pipes and bends. The excellent noise-insulating properties make EASYmass a perfect alternative for traditional leaded products.

– Anthracite visible side
– Easily bendable thanks to a core of iron mesh
– To be fastened with, for example Tyraps

Dimension: roll of 2000 x 1000 mm. Thickness: 12 mm.


EASYmass pipe insulation works on the basis of the mass-spring principle. It is composed of a thin layer of foam covered with a ground plane of approx. 4 kg/m2. This composition results in the excellent noise-insulating properties of EASYmass pipe insulation.

The visible side is finished with 2 mm PVC foam in the colour anthracite.


EASYmass pipe insulation is delivered in the dimension 2000 x 1000 mm, rolled-up in a cardboard box. Thickness: 12 mm.


Can be cut to size using a utility knife.

Apply overlapping (approx. 50 mm) in longitudinal and transverse direction for an optimal result

Fasten with Tyraps or duct tape.

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Samengesteld uit een dunne laag schuim met daarop een massaplaat van ca. 4 kg/m2.

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