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    EASYindustry Wall | Acoustic wall panel

    EASYindustry Wall | Acoustic wall panel

    Acoustic wall panel for industrial environments

    Akoestische panelen voor industriële toepassingen

    Product description

    The EASYindustry Wall  is a high quality acoustic wall panel for industrial environments. This wall panel is often used in factories, production halls and workshops. Because the wall panels are suspended from the wall with a spacer, they can easily be place in front of cables and beams.

    The wall panel consists of a brute aluminium frame and an acoustic panel in the color white. Including 4 pieces of wall brackets. The wall panels can only be ordered online starting from a full pallet (28 pieces). We recommend that these wall panels are only hung at a height where it is not easy to bump into them. Would you like a wall panel for the office, call centre, care practice, education or restaurant? Take a look at our other wall solutions.


    The EASYindustry Wall is supplied with spacer brackets. You will receive four brackets per wall panel. These include wing nuts. The standard bracket is approximately 20 cm. The panel thickness is 5 cm. Screws and plugs are not included with this product.

    We have an assembly team that can also install it for you. Please contact us for the conditions.

    Fire safety

    The wall panels are composed of a material classified as fire resistant according to the applicable standards (EN 13501-1) with European fire class A1.

    Environmentally friendly & maintenance

    The wall panels are 100% recyclable. You can dust them with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner. These wall panels are not shockproof and should be hung at inaccessible heights.

    Absorption value

    The wall panels have been tested on an alpha-w of 1.0 (A-class).


    It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional terms and conditions or contact us.

    At the moment, you cannot order this product through our webshop. Please contact us by requesting a quote or asking a question using the buttons below.

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    • For industrial application

    • Brushed aluminium frame (not anodised)

    • Solid mounting

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    Acoustics is the science of sound. A good solution to reverberation often requires on-site acoustic measurement by an acoustic specialist.

    An acoustic specialist comes to your premises. Using special measuring equipment, we investigate whether there are poor acoustics.

    On the basis of this measurement, you will receive advice directly on site. With EASY Noise Control, you are assured of good acoustics.

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