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    EASYfelt | Fency Workspace

    Modular and flexible acoustic screen

    Akoestisch modulair scherm - PET-vilt

    Product description

    EASYfelt Fency Workspace is a modular acoustic workspace consisting of aluminium posts and EASYfelt elements. EASYfelt is a material made of hard pressed polyester fibres.

    With the EASYfelt Fency workspace, you can easily create a beautiful acoustic partition between and/or around desks. Ideal for reducing auditory and physical distractions. The EASYfence is therefore often used in open-plan offices.

    • Modular, flexible system

    • Different set-ups possible

    • Tailored


    The EASYfence is available in five different set-ups: L, U, X, T and H arrangement. When more than two desks are involved, the T-arrangement and H-arrangement can be extended to: TT, TTT, HH, HHH set-ups.

    The system can be placed flexibly, and you can extend the module with an extra screen in no time (on request). The aluminium posts are supplied as standard in black (RAL 9005) and the EASYfelt elements are available in grey or anthracite.


    All set-ups of the EASYfence consist of an X-axis and a Y-axis. The X axis of the screen is the long side of the desk (the back panel). The Y axis of the screen is the short side (side panel) of the desk.

    X-dimension: 1220 / 1420 / 1620 / 1820 mm
    Y-dimension: 820 / 1020 / 1220 / 1420 mm
    Height: 1435 / 1635 / 1835 / 2035 mm

    Please note: the dimensions of the EASYfence are internal dimensions (the length of the panels). The uprights of 65 x 65 mm have not yet been added.

    Floating panel

    The rear panel (on the long side on the X axis) of the EASYfence is also available as a floating panel (with the exception of the L-format). With a floating panel, the elements start at 630 mm from the ground. With a standing panel, the elements are built up from the ground.

    Would you like a floating panel on the Y axis? No problem, please contact us.

    Colours and material

    The EASYfelt elements are available in the colours Silver Grey and Dark Grey. EASYfelt is made of compressed polyester fibres with a high specific weight, which consists of at least 30% recycled PET bottles. The EASYfelt panels have a density of 120 kg/m3.

    Posts and feet

    The posts and feet of the EASYfence are made of aluminium and come standard in the colour black (RAL 9005). Other colours are available on request. The posts have a fixed size of 65 x 65 mm. The feet that are standardly delivered with the EASYfence have a fixed dimension of 250 x 69 mm. In addition to the standard feet, round and square feet are also available on request.

    EASYfelt Fency voeten

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    • Modular, flexible system

    • Different set-ups possible

    • Tailored

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