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    Abstracta | Stitch Table

    Upholstered acoustic desk screen


    Product description

    The Stitch Table is an acoustic desk screen by Abstracta with an original design. The grid pattern makes the design original.
    The desk screen is absorbent to muffle speech. In addition, it also shields a workplace for more privacy.

    The Stitch Table is available in several standard colours. Available in sizes for desks 800 / 1400 / 1600 / 1800 mm. Multiple attachments are possible. Online you can order a separate screen with mounting brackets. If you want a U-screen (front screen with two side screens) please contact us.

    • Available in several colours

    • Original design

    • Shields and absorbs sound


    The Stitch Table is available in four standard sizes.

    B x H x D:
    860 x 650 x 85 mm
    1460 x 650 x 85 mm
    1660 x 650 x 85 mm
    1860 x 650 x 85 mm

    Fabric and colours

    The stitch Table is available in the fabric Salsa in the following colors:

    Salsa kleuren Abstracta


    The screen can be easily fixed to the edge of our desk with mounting clamps. The screen falls slightly behind the desk. If you also want side screens, you can also connect them to the front screen. Please contact us for this.

    At the moment, you cannot order this product through our webshop. Please contact us by requesting a quote or asking a question using the buttons below.

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    • Available in several colours

    • Original design

    • Shields and absorbs sound

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