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    Abstracta | Airflake

    Room divider made up of small acoustic panels

    Abstracta airflake - ruimte verdeler

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    • Unique acoustic design

    • In five versions, available in multiple colour

    • Sound absorption

    Product description

    Abstacta’s Airflake is the first model of the Air family. The design allows light to pass through and reduces noise for better acoustics. The Airflake is made of pressed and upholstered PET felt. In addition, the Airflake is available in five versions. The Airflake is for sale per set of 10 pieces (or 5 pieces for variant XL). In the shape and module of a hexagon, a beautiful acoustic shield or wall can be constructed.        

    • Sound absorption and diffusion

    • Unique acoustic design

    • In five versions, available in multiple colour

    Dimensions and design

    De Airflake van Abstracta heeft vijf uitvoeringen met ieder een vaste afmeting: Blade open, Blade closed, Line open, Line closed en XL Blade open.

    Blade open (W x H): 360 x 400 mm
    Blade closed (W x H): 360 x 400 mm
    Line open (W x H): 360 x 400 mm
    Line close (W x H): 360 x 400 mm
    XL Blade open (W x H): 600 x 700 mm

    Airflake afmetingen
    Airflake XL afmeting

    Fabric and colours

    Abstracta’s room divider is available online in the fabric felt for Air products in the ten standard colours. Other colours of felt for air products are available on request.

    Abstracta vilt kleuren


    The Airflake room divider can be suspended by using an aluminium rail. There is a choice between a straight or a curved rail. The straight rail can be mounted on the ceiling or wall. The curved rail can only be mounted on the ceiling. Both rails are available in three different lengths and in the colour white (RAL 9010) or ANO (RAL 9006).

    Straight rail: 1500 / 2000 / 3000 mm
    Curved rail: 750 / 1500 / 2000 mm

    Abstracta airbloom rails

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