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    Customized ceiling solutions

    In acoustics, the ceiling is the most common surface to be covered with acoustic solutions. Frequently chosen solutions are ceiling elements, ceiling tiles and baffles. However, no ceiling is the same. Although we can provide most ceiling solutions in standard sizes, we also offer the option of customized solutions.

    Ceiling elements

    A 'customized' element is possible with us!

    One of the most chosen solutions within room acoustics are ceiling elements. It is not without reason that EASY Noise Control has a number of different ceiling elements for which customisation in terms of dimensions, colour and suspension is possible.

    In this way, we can make the elements precisely to size within the standard dimensions. An example is the EASYceiling Plus.

    In addition, with the material PET felt and the right cutting machines we are able to create original shapes. We offer a number of pre-selected shapes as standard, such as the EASYfelt ceiling element curved.

    In addition, we can spray the PET felt in any RAL colour, both single and double-sided.

    Zwarte akoestische plafondeilanden voetbalvereniging


    We can also make the baffles according to your preferences.

    Baffles often come in standard sizes of 120 x 60 cm or 120 x 30 cm and are mostly rectangular and hung on a quick-release hanger. This is also possible with us, but it can also be done differently.

    With our EASYfelt Baffles and EASYfelt Baffle Elements, we move away from this standard confection size and shape. With a choice of different shapes and sizes, a baffle becomes aesthetically interesting again for an office or classroom.

    Baffle van PET-vilt 25 mm

    Colours and pictures

    Unique ceiling solution

    Our EASYceiling Plus acoustic ceiling elements are available in many standard colours. This also applies to EASYceiling Direct acoustic ceiling panels. In addition to the standard colours, we can also spray the EASYfelt ceiling elements in any RAL colour.

    EASYphoto plafondeilanden

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    Customisation often gives you more efficiency, convenience and accuracy. Would you like to know if customisation is an option for your company or application? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.  

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