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    Customized acoustic materials

    More and more often, our customers choose a custom solution in which we deliver the acoustic materials tailored to their needs. EASY Noise Control offers customized solutions for acoustic materials, vibration isolation and anti-drumming materials.

    Customization can also go beyond the product itself; benefits can be achieved with smart packaging and efficient transport. Therefore, we always look at the entire process in order to provide the best service.

    Convenience and fast service

    Acoustic materials are produced in large quantities.

    For reasons of efficiency, this is usually done in fixed module sizes. Opting for a standard size is a smart choice in many cases.

    Nevertheless, we have made it easy to customize acoustic materials. Sometimes it is nicer to have smaller sized parts delivered in one piece.  We do the cutting to size quickly and neatly in our own production hall.

    This makes customization sometimes a smarter choice. It becomes a ready-to-use solution for your application. This makes it easier and faster to process.The costs of custom work may be higher, but this often outweighs the waste costs, loss of money due to incorrect cutting and time saved in assembly.

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    Customized acoustic solutions

    Customization often gives you more efficiency, convenience and accuracy. Would you like to know if customization is an option for your company or application? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

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