Customized wall solution

There are many acoustic wall solutions. Walls are a good way of tackling poor acoustics. A wall often catches the eye. A wall panel must therefore match the interior, your taste and budget.

We are happy to think along with you about the right wall solution. We do this by offering a wide range of standard solutions and customization. For example, we make upholstered, printed or cut wall elements according to your design.

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Customization often gives you more efficiency, convenience and accuracy. Would you like to know if customization is an option for your company or application? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

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Your own design

We deliver acoustic photo panels every day. Completely custom-made and with our own printing. This is now standard custom work and therefore one of the most popular solutions.

Our custom work for wall panels goes further. You can think of tailor-made EASYfelt elements in a RAL colour (see image on the left). Here we can take into account any transits and lighting.

Are you an interior designer and do you get stuck on the acoustic wall finish? Our R&D colleagues will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Upholstered panels

EASY Noise Control supplies upholstered accoustic wall panels. We have a choice of different fabrics, for example Camira, Gabriel and Kvadrat. You can also think of the recycled fabrics from Enschede Textile City of the Netherlands.

We make upholstered acoustic panels in a very sustainable way. We do this by using recycled absorption material Ecosorb, sustainable wood and the option of sustainable fabric. These panels are also good for circular projects.

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