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    Why are good acoustics important?

    To answer the question "why are good acoustics important?" we interviewed Sander, our acoustic consultant. Sander has over 10 years of experience in sound control and therefore knows a lot about the subject. Sander's role as an acoustic consultant is to go to customers to take acoustic measurements on location and to advise on acoustic solutions for the space.


    What is acoustics?

    Acoustics is about the comfort in a room focusing on sound. It is about reducing the long reverberation time (this is the time it takes for sound to drop to 60 dB) in a room to make the acoustics optimal. By reducing the length of the reverberation time, you create a peaceful room.

    If the acoustics in a room are good, there are no reflections of sound, because the reflections are absorbed by these acoustic materials. This is because materials with an open structure have the property of absorbing sound, so that the sound disappears into the material.


    The following pictures clearly show the effect of acoustic materials in your room. In the first picture, the sound continues to bounce around in the room, causing a long reverberation time. In the second image, a ceiling element and a photo panel have been added to the room and the sound is directly absorbed by the acoustic materials, reducing the reverberation time.

    Ruimte zonder akoestische producten
    Ruimte met akoestische producten

    What are the benefits of good acoustics?

    Good acoustics improve speech intelligibility, ensure optimal concentration and reduce fatigue. Our hearing is designed to hear sound from one direction, but when you are in a reverberant room you hear sound from all sides. This causes fatigue, which in turn reduces concentration.

    What are reasons for improving acoustics?

    The main reasons for improving the acoustics in a room are:

    1. to create more peace;
    2. to improve concentration;
    3. For good speech intelligibility.