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    What is anti-drumming?

    EASYdemp anti-drumming material is a widely sold product of EASY Noise Control. But what is anti-drumming and how does it work?


    Anti-drumming is everywhere

    Chances are slim that you do not have any anti-drumming in your area. Anti-drumming materials are used everywhere to reduce unpleasant resonances from sheet metal, especially metal.

    Just look at the inside of a washing machine, a machine casing or the hood of a sunshade. These are all applications of sheet materials that, without the use of anti-drumming material, are set into vibration and can therefore cause noise pollution.

    And the beautiful, deep 'kaboom' when closing a car door is the result of research and analysis by the acoustic experts at car manufacturers. The right piece of deadening on the right piece of door makes the slamming of the door sound like that of an armoured limousine.

    How it works

    EASYdemp and other anti-drumming materials consist of a visco-elastic mass. In other words, a material that is flexible and elastic and can hardly be set into vibration.

    When a plate surface is set into vibration, for example by rotating parts (engine) or falling parts (raindrops), these vibrations spread throughout the construction.

    By applying EASYdemp, the vibration is transferred from the plate material to the relief. Due to its flexible and elastic properties, the vibration is neither further propagated nor returned to the vibrating plate material. The vibration is damped.

    Three tips for applying anti-drumming material

    Tip 1: Find the vibration

    Find the weakest spot in a sheet material. This is the place where the most significant vibrations can occur. Apply the material there. For profiles such as water barriers, gutters, etc., only 50-60% of the surface should be treated with the anti-drumming material for maximum results. If in doubt, send us a cross-section sketch of the panel part and we will indicate the most effective spot.

    Tip 2: Look at the thickness

    The 0.5 mm thick aluminium plate in a household appliance requires different measures than a 10 mm thick ship's hull. EASYdemp is available in different thicknesses/masses and is suitable for de-stratification up to approx. 3 mm sheet material. For thicker material, other solutions are available, such as de-icer pastes.

    Tip 3: processing of EASYdemp

    EASYdemp comes with an application note. Please read this carefully. Factors such as a dry, dust- and grease-free substrate and processing at temperatures of > 15 degrees Celsius determine the durability of the adhesive.

    Do you have any questions about EASYdemp or anti-drumming material in general? Please contact us and we will be happy to help.

    EASYdemp Self-adhesive anti-drumming sheet

    EASYdemp Self-adhesive anti-drumming sheet

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    EASYdemp Car audio anti-drumming sheets